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About Us

Latitude Holdings, LLC was established by the Butz families to house and manage the families’ growing interests.  With the first businesses founded in 1954, the families have continued to grow from its humble agricultural roots.  The families’ interest now includes real estate development, management and consulting, engineering solutions, comprehensive agricultural expertise, and vineyard and winery prowess.  The families continue to evaluate new opportunities and invest in their communities and opportunities for the next generations.

The Butz Foundation is a family foundation founded nearly 100 years ago with a mission of support for programs that benefit humanity, education, medical research, and society as a whole. The grantees of the Butz Foundation represent individuals and groups dedicated to the betterment of life through their tireless endeavors and commitment.

Family Owned and Operated with a Commitment to Excellence and Integrity

The Latitude Holdings team has consistently provided the highest level of integrity and professionalism in all our business and real estate transactions. 

- Home-Build Concierge, Inc.

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